●Show pub pink soda of the new half / gay bar in Chiba
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Address Kan Building 2F Fujimi 2-23-6 Chuuo-ku, Chiba-shi

п@ 043-201-0188

Show time  PM10:30  AM0:30   AM3:00  

○ Business hours
From 21:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

○ Regular holiday
Sundays and holidays
(is excluded on Fridays and Saturdays … It is it on a transfer day)

Saturday, April 14
We will wait for you to come to our club.
News of the business day change

I do business in the Constitution Memorial Day on Thursday, May 3.
I do business in the Greenery Day on Friday, May 4.
I do business in the Children’s Day on Saturday, May 5.

I will be closed from Monday, 7th until Wednesday the 9th.
The news of the show change

Friday, March 23


Update April 11.2018
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