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◆News of August◆

The news of the Bon vacation
From Sunday, 13 to Thursday, 17

Business day change

We will be open on Mountain Day on Friday, August 11th.

◆News of July◆
◆News of June◆
◆News of May◆
The news of the holiday of the Golden week

From Monday, May 8 to Thursday, May 11.

News of the business day change

We will be open on May 3rd(Wed), 4th(Thu) and 5th(Fri).

◆News of April◆
News of the business day change

I do business in the Showa Day on Saturday, April 29.

◆News of March◆
The news of the show change

Monday, March 27
We will wait for you to come to our club.

◆News of February◆
◆News of January◆

The news of the end of the year and beginning
of the year holiday

From Monday, December 31 to Thursday, January 5

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